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Icon of the Nativity of Christ


As you know the situation in Ukraine changes daily, even hourly. We had hoped and prayed that this atrocity would be over by now, however that has not happened. In fact, it is escalating. We continue to work as diligently as possible to provide assistance and comfort for the Ukrainian people, those in Ukraine and those who escaped to nearby countries. As you know, we, along with the entire community have collected suitable items and had them shipped to Ukraine. At one point we were told that there would not be any more shipments for a while because of overloading the resources, i.e. airlines, etc. We have now been informed that we will once again be able to ship items to Ukraine. However, at this point the only items required are MEDICAL SUPPLIES such as the following: - bandages (various sizes), gauze (various sizes) including surgical tape, large tubes of polysporin, alcohol wipes (individually sealed packets).
Please note that we are not accepting any clothing or food at this time.
If you wish to donate to this cause, the items may be delivered to our School building adjacent to the Church on Saturday, April 2nd and Saturday, April 9th from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. on both days.

We have had many requests for information about making monetary donations to assist Ukraine. Donations can be directed to:
Canada-Ukraine Foundation Ukraine Humanitarian Appeal
Ukrainian Canadian Social Services – (United Ukrainian Credit Union, 1252 Barton St. E., Hamilton)
Friends of Ukraine Defense Fund - BCU Foundation


Our executive met to review the current rules relative to Church attendance and the associated requirements. We considered both the changing requirements set forth by our government as well as the continued safety of those attending Church. We encourage those attending church to wear masks, but masks are no longer mandatory. We appreciate the fact that throughout the Pandemic our faithful have been extremely cooperative in following the requirements and are confident that this practice will continue. This adherence to our rules has kept our Parish safe during this critical time.

REGISTRATION - Registration for attendance is no longer required. Attendees will not be screened as they were prior to registration, but will be required to self screen when they arrive at Church and before entering the Sanctuary. If any symptoms are evident they must return home. Attendees may self-screen at home before coming to Church if they have any concerns.

Wearing of masks is encouraged, but not mandatory while in the Church.
Hand sanitizer is available when entering.
Please be respectful of anyone's desire to continue wearing masks or maintain physical distancing.
Bowing is allowed for the veneration of the Icons or Cross.
Donations can continue to be made at the back of the Church as has been the practice throughout the Pandemic.

Live Broadcast of Services

Please visit this website and our Facebook page to view live broadcasts of our services.

Click here to view the live broadcast of the Divine Liturgy on our Facebook page.

English Divine Liturgy - Second Sunday and Last Saturday Every Month

As a response to the realities of Missionizing in a society such as ours, and the need to bring the treasures of the Orthodox Faith to our loved ones and our friends who function outside our Ukrainian community, we have initiated a monthly English language liturgy which will be celebrated on the second Sunday and last Saturday of every month.
Please welcome newcomers, and make them feel the warmth of our traditional Ukrainian hospitality.

Now Accepting Online Donations!Donate Now Through!

Visitors to our site may now make donations online, simply by clicking on the "Donate Now" image. The donations are collected through the website, and are directly deposited into the parish bank account. Please take some time to check it out - and, as always, thanks for your help, and God Bless!